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2Bular c'è! (e per fortuna)

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12Bular c'è! (e per fortuna) Empty 2Bular c'è! (e per fortuna) Gio 26 Mag 2016, 6:51 pm



Volevo solo smentirmi :-)
Qualche giorno fa avevo scritto in un post che 2Bular (lo avevo letto su Seloc.org) aveva venduto e non avrebbero più fatto scarichi per Lotus ma avrebbero puntato ad altri marchi.
Lo stesso Jim Valentine, proprietario di 2bular, smentisce tutto con un pezzo non da poco in cui ne ha per tutti, ahahahah, che personaggio.
Ha comunque venduto da quanto capisco, ma la produzione Lotus sarà il fiore all'occhiello!
In pratica disintegra quelli di Hangar 111, quelli di Elise Shop, Elise Parts....:

10/05/16: Regarding recent rumours - 2bular will ALWAYS supply a range of exhausts for the Lotus market.

Do you think I would leave it to the likes of Hangar 111? The owner, Greg Lock (Greg Arsch-loch, as my German friends call him!) is the guy who thought it was a wizard wheeze to welcome me to the Lotus world by buying up an un-used 2bular domain name, (2bular.co.uk at the time), then setting up a diversionary website to point any 2bular exhaust enquiries to Hangar 111 - now that's desperate! They don't sell any manifolds for the 1ZZ/1ZR/2ZR models - they don't MAKE any exhausts.

Larini? Now marketed and sold by Mr Yvo Tuk of Elise-shop. He thought it was necessary to post on TLF and disparage my V6 manifold designs and call my dyno graphs fake! Result? My sales figures went up - thank you Mr Tuk! In common with H111 - Elise-Shop don't MAKE any exhausts. They supply the same V6 manifolds for the 240whp N/A motor and the 345whp SC'd motor - you think that's correct?

Eliseparts? Owned by Mr Geary Powell. I was somewhat surprised to receive an e-mail from this character a while back regarding his new 2ZZ manifolds. He wanted to emphasise the differences between his and mine. I could only smile as I had previously been in contact with his chosen exhaust supplier. I had shown them a prototype manifold with an out-dated slip-on collector held by springs (not advisable with the Lotus T4 ECU - modern ECU's don't like leaky manifolds) as I needed to out-source some work due to demand - but didn't trust them enough to show them the production version. Anyway, we couldn't agree on price - but lo and behold, here is the new Eliseparts 2ZZ manifold with leaky collector held by springs. Poor sod is selling them off at a discount now. At least give him credit for understanding that the N/A 2ZZ requires a 4-2-1 layout and the SC'd models need a 4-1! Wonder where he got that from?

BOE/BWR: Mr Phil Verhagy and Mr Fred Zust respectively - two cheeks of the same arse. They'll sell you a manifold (header) which works on the 165whp N/A motor, the 202whp MP45 motor, the 250whp MP62 motor and the (up to) 400whp TVS 1320 motor! Amazing - but bullshit. It wasn't that long ago that BWR sold an 1 3/4" N/A PPE header and an 1 7/8" SC PPE header but like all these re-sellers, that's too much bother (cost) - let's stock the ONE header for ALL the installs - easy and CHEAP. Well, I say cheap but their new 2ZZ header is made from Unobtanium (apparently) and costs $2000! Don't get me started on their re-packable systems with their packs of scrubble (swarf!). Fred told me with a straight face that his 7"dia x 30" long silencer weighed 9lbs - packed with Helium probably.

My point is this: 2bular is the ONLY supplier to the Elise/Exige/Evora market which MAKES manifolds for the K-series/1ZZ/1ZR/2ZR/2ZZ/2GR motors PLUS covers the burgeoning Honda/Duratec conversion markets. The ONLY supplier who MAKES a lightweight re-packable silencer with a concentric H1 (resonance) chamber for all of these cars when used on track. Re-sellers don't MAKE any of their exhausts - and if they can stock the same system and manifolds for the N/A motor AND the SC'd motor - that's great for them - but NOT for you.



22Bular c'è! (e per fortuna) Empty Re: 2Bular c'è! (e per fortuna) Gio 26 Mag 2016, 7:21 pm



lol! lol!
Ottima notizia.


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