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SSC ‘ Transformer ’ TVS Supercharger kit - Lotus Elise / Exige

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SSC ‘ Transformer ’ TVS Supercharger kit - Lotus Elise / Exige

SSC ‘ Transformer ’ TVS Supercharger kit - Lotus Elise / Exige  Show_image_in_imgtag.php?filename=%2Fcomponents%2Fcom_virtuemart%2Fshop_image%2Fproduct%2FTransformer_kit.Part4edab4af0f7b0

Price:   AUD $12,235.00  

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TVS 1320 Supercharger + Water / Air Charge cooler + Plug-In-Performance Engine management

Pros: .Outstanding performance with less heat. Performance upgradeable for the future. Comes with programmable ECU. Rear vision maintained with W/A Charge cooler system.

Cons:. Can’t think of any. Can you have too much performance?

Suits models:. All 2ZZ Toyota powered cars - Lotus Elise and Exige.

SSC's opinion: .A high performance solution for the 2ZZ Elise and Exige - and is further upgradable.

More details:

SSC TVS Supercharger

The Harrop TVS1320 supercharger is based on Eaton’s new Twin Vortices Series ( TVS ™ ) featuring twin intermeshing four-lobe rotors, twisted in a helix angle of 160° to achieve high thermal efficiency.

The SSC / Harrop unit includes a special drive snout and pulley and is assembled by Harrop Engineering. SSC has developed a precision engineered sand cast outlet manifold especially for the TVS 1320 in this application.

This has a significant power and torque increase over the standard set-up. Please contact us or see our videos for expected performance.

Components: The Supercharger and pulley, SSC engine manifold, SSC inlet adapter, nose bracket, oil breather return line, drive belt, TMAP sensor / wiring loom, Injectors, all fasteners and fixings.

SSC Charge cooler

The supercharger is mated to a Water / Air charge cooler. A radiator is positioned at the front of the car to get high pressure air and avoid conflict with the other radiators. Cooling the charge ensures that the engine operates at maximum efficiency, keeping the engine inlet air temperatures under control and reducing power loss when the supercharger is on constant boost.

The SSC Charge cooler sits neatly over the rear right side rear wheel arch and only the pipes are visible in the engine bay.

Components: The Charge cooler, radiator, Bosch Motorsport pump, expansion tank, hoses, clamps, pump relay and wiring loom, brackets and fixings.


The kit comes with the ultimate in standlone, fully programmable ECU’s. The PIP range of ECU’s retain all factory instrumentation and other vehicle systems whilst giving you full control over your engine. All this whilst retaining the factory wiring harness and not needing to cut or splice into a single wire. With a pre loaded set up and base map you will have everything you need to get the car running in no time.

For more information on the SSC Plug In Performance ECU > Click here

Components: The SSC Plug In Performance ECU, in-cabin Data port with adjustable Traction Control, Data port loom.
Transformer kit price does not include fitting cost. Contact SSC for a quote for fitting.
Further upgrade options:
Engine upgrade

Higher power levels will require upgrading of the engine internals. SSC in association with Neil Trama Engineering offers stages of built engines to suit every need.
Fuel System upgrade

The fuel system should be upgraded for high power levels. SSC offer the BOE fuel surge tank kit to ensure a constant and steady pressure fuel supply. > Click here
Gearbox upgrade

For very high powered cars we have stronger semi-helical 3rd/4th gear sets to handle the increased engine torque. > Click here

SSC ‘ Transformer ’ TVS Supercharger kit - Lotus Elise / Exige  14140410 Olio Pakelo Krypton XT 5W-30 o 5W-40,  o Krypton 10W-60,  o Krypton Racing.

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